A subprime vehicle loan is a type of loan used to finance a purchase of a vehicle offered to people with low credit scores or limited credit histories. Our loans are easy to apply for with fair and reasonable rates and terms.

Many times a borrower does not know their credit score when it comes time to make their purchase. It is a good idea to review this for budgeting purposes. Also, often there may be a mistake or inaccuracy on a report. You may want to contact us with your information ahead of time for pre-approval so you know what you are able to spend.


We also offer loan refinancing for those who want to make their car payments more manageable. Many times people had higher wages or more money in the bank when they initially purchased their car and now are finding it tougher to manage a high payment. As long as you are current on your car payment we could refinance the loan to give you a way to save with a new lower monthly bill.


If you need cash and own your car outright you may be able to get a title loan. This is one of our specialties and with your car’s title we are able to help you with a way to have money available for any surprise that may arise at an inconvenient time. Just have your car title in hand when ready to apply.

Why Us?

We have helped many people buy the vehicle that they want when the banks say no. Our programs are easy to apply for and are very safe and secure with your personal information.

We are always available to personally help with whatever need arises. We are able to loan on private party vehicle transactions or purchases from a local dealership…We are also a preferred lender for Broward Motorsports which has 5 locations in South Florida.

They are the largest power sports dealer in the state and our loans are available to purchase your new motorcycle, personal watercraft, ATV and more.

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